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Web Applications

Date Title Plat. Hits Author
23-08-2019 Wikindx 5.8.2 Virtual Research Environment Library Manager SQL Injection php 13 KingSkrupellos
23-08-2019 Weingut Oskar und Doris Bastian Brauneberg Germany XSS SQL Injection php 10 KingSkrupellos
23-08-2019 OneSource Consultoria Informatica Coimbra Portugal XSS SQL Injection php 10 KingSkrupellos
23-08-2019 Phenodata University of Southampton High Energy Physics Database SQL Injection php 37 KingSkrupellos
23-08-2019 Systeme De Gestion Du Site CMS Realise Par ANG-Web SQL Injection php 12 KingSkrupellos
23-08-2019 Universite de Moncton Edmunston Shippagan Canada SQL Injection php 13 KingSkrupellos
23-08-2019 Optronics Fibra Optica eCommerce Mexico XSS SQL Injection php 13 KingSkrupellos
23-08-2019 MDMarine Insurance Agent Orillia Canada XSS SQL Injection php 14 KingSkrupellos

Remote/Local Exploits

Date Title Plat. Hits Author
08-10-2018 Latest ZTE F609 Indihome Router Password Default hardware 1318 Rednofozi
01-09-2018 ASUS-DSL N10 - Authentication Bypass hardware 306 Rednofozi
01-09-2018 DLink DIR-601 - Credential Disclosure hardware 334 Rednofozi
04-08-2018 Microsoft Windows Movie Maker DLL Hijacking Exploit windows 720 Dmar al3noOoz
27-07-2018 Windows7 Force Shutdown Shellcod .v1 windows 308 Rednofozi
20-07-2018 UltraISO Premium Edition DLL Hijacking Exploit (daemon.dll) windows 616 Dmar al3noOoz
26-07-2017 Epic Privacy Browser - History Leakage windows 1357 bRpsd
05-05-2017 MikroTik RouterBoard V-6.38.5 Denial of Service hardware 1600 Hosein Askari


Date Title Hits Author
13-08-2018 Manually Vulnerability Analysis In Web [arabic] 556 BlackRose
14-07-2015 PHP LFI Bypass Paper 1622 Aaditya Purani
26-02-2015 Introduction to Encryption (Network Security) 2268 r00t3rz
27-04-2014 [arabic] Simple SQL Injection 3637 JIKO
27-04-2014 [Arabic] First Steps To Find Vulnerabilities 2471 JIKO
16-09-2013 How to Attack on Remote PC With Applications Vulnerabilities 2818 Beni_Vanda
16-09-2013 Wireshark network packet analysis tool [TR] 1579 TheMirkin
06-03-2013 [Turkish] -Local-File-inclusion 2109 TheMirkin


Date Title Plat. Hits Author
23-08-2019 PhpMyAdmin Brute forcer python 12 Bl1nd_Cr0w
01-11-2018 Hack server with apache struts exploit python 647 Rednofozi
26-10-2018 tweets analyzer python 244 Rednofozi
18-10-2018 Web Application Vulnerability Scanner perl 453 DeaDHackS
15-10-2018 Get SSH Access After Rooting the Server linux 468 Rednofozi
09-10-2018 Upload Backdoor Lewat MySQL Database (phpMyAdmin) php 879 Rednofozi
22-09-2018 Joomla 3.8 - SQL Injection Exploit php 528 Rednofozi
27-08-2018 Evil-Shock Tools perl 392 DeaDHackS

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